They say we are a loving church.

I wish everyone of you who read this blog entry would at least attend one service at Garden Cathedral and experience the warm and friendleness of our people.  You will find a group of people who really care about you and your station in life without a judgemental attitude. 

Our motto is “that we are a church that loves God and love to share that love.”  Each week we have new people come and experience this love that you don’t find in all churches.  Come as you are.  It will be okay.  We are a relaxed and confortable church where you can find the peace of God to bless your life.

As the Senior Pastor I assure you that everything possible will be done to make you feel welcome.  So!  Why not give us a try.  We have programs and class for all ages from infants to adults.  You will like what you find at Garden Cathedral.

If there has ever been a time for people to come together and worship God in these troubles times it is now.

Come on!  Make the plunge.  You will be glad you did.


Pastor Minger


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