What do we do in the post election era.

It is now time for the church to make sure to pray desperately for our nation and it’s leaders.  Through out the Bible God’s people were punished when they were disobedient to Him.  I think that we will be in one of those times of punishment unless we do like the saints of old and really pray for God’s divine intervention.

We are in for the possibilities for actives federal judges to be appoint that will rule and make law from the bench to fit the ultra liberal positions of groups that now feel empowered to get their immoral agenda passed on to us.  However, there is nothing that the power of prayer cannot conquer.  So let us sanctify ours selves and begin to desperately pray for our new leaders as they come to office. 

We as a church will survive!  God’s people always do and we will this time too.  So listen up to the cry for afirming leadership when I call you to prayer as never before.  God bless all of you…..you are loved.


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