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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008

I hope you are ready to say goodby to 2008 because in one more day it will be gone for ever.  Your care will depreciate by $1,000.oo and you will be wearing last years cloths. 

Look what we have to build on though!  Jesus could come.  2009 could be His time to return.  I hope so! 

The biggest priority should be that we have repented of all our sins.  “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  Sin is good for two things.  It will carry you to hell and make life misserable all the way there.  So why not just start the new year off right and repent  and build a whole new life.  I look forward to hearing from you and that you are going with me to heaven.

Pastor Ray Minger


Merry Christmas To All!

December 25, 2008

On this wonderful Christmas Day everyone is experiencing the best blessing the world has ever had:  the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Contray to what people think, Jesus was not born in a soreenly beautiful and senic stable.  He was born in a dirty, filthy, stinking and dark cave.  It was filthy and stinking because of the animals that stayed there and their leavings. 

Jesus knows what dirty is from his first hours of birth through the remainder of His life.  So He can identify with you life.  It does not matter how filthy and stinking you life might have become, Jesus understands and knows how to change things in your life.  Give Him a chance:  pray a prayer of repentance and thanksgiving right now and receive Him into your heart and life.

Pastor Minger

What a great weekend!

December 17, 2008

The drama team did a great job under the direction of Sis. Claudia Neuhauser.  We should be on T.V. with some of this stuff.  If you missed it you missed a great time of faith, fun, the funny and great desserts afterward.  I can hardly wait until they put on another drama probably for Easter.  Sis. Claudia always does a great job.  I just hope everyone else appreciates her as much as I do.  Her contributions to this church just can’t be measuried.  THANKS CLAUDIA you are great! 

I look forward to seeing all of you in church this Sunday for a great day of worship and the preaching of the Word of God.  It will be about Christmas and your experiences…and mine.  Don’t miss it.  You will laugh, you will cry and you will enjoy the things I have to say.  God bless….See all of you guys Sunday morning.

Great Weekend Coming Up

December 13, 2008

This is going to be a great weekend at Garden Cathedral as two dramas are presented.  One by the children in the Sunday Morning service and one in the Sunday Night service.  After the Sunday Night service there will be a desert tasting in the family life center.  Everyone is invited to participate.  So lets come together for a great time of drama and fellowship!

God is with us

December 13, 2008

Just remember that these words have great meaning:  “God is with Us.”  If you are lost?  God is with us.  If you are depressed. God is with you.  If you feel no one cares.  God is with you.  It does not matter what your circumstances are, God is with Us.

Give to a stranger!

December 4, 2008

One of the greatest blessings is to give something to someone that if totally not expecting it.  A stranger.  My experiences in a Wendy’s the other night did not cost me anything but was a blessing to a lady and she blessed me by her thanks to me.  All I did was to offer to finish paying for her ice cream that she ordered but did not have enough money to pay for it.  I offered her the money she needed.  However, she decided to buy a smaller ice cream that she would have enough money to pay for.  So it did not cost me anything for all the praise I received from her.  I was perfectly ready and willing to pay her bill even though I had never seen here in my life.  She simply just could not believe that me, a stranger, would do that for her. 

So!  You try blessing someone every now and then but now especially around Christmas.  You will be supprised how good it will make you feel plus you will bless someone else.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of money but just a sincere jesture on your part to share.

Pastor Minger