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Missions Weekend Fantastic

March 25, 2009

This past weekend we had our missionaries, Robert and Jeanette Cary, as our guest speakers.  What a great preacher he is.  He blessed us in both services.  Thank you to all of those of you who gave to the mission project of helping buy property for a church in the Carribean.  I know that you will be blessed of God for your faithfulness in supporting this project.  The amount of the offering was $1300.00 and something dollars.  That means there will only be $2,000.00 left to pay for the land completely.  I know it will come in before long.  What a blessing to be able to help these people have land to build their own church.  Thank you again for your giving.

Pastor Minger


God is Good and Moving in Garden Cathedral

March 24, 2009

We were very happy to receive into membership last week Lynn &Susan Beaney and Debra and Jay Stewart.  More to come.  God is still moving in Garden Cathedral.

Don’t listen to the nay sayers because they are on the out side of what thing are happening.  Just think how wonderfully God uses our minister of music, Victor Riffle.  In every service he leads us straight to the thrown of God with the worship music he directs.  Thank you Victor for your life and obedience to God and His voice.

I urge all of you to begin reading the entire New Testament (from Matthew through Revelations) by easter.  God is going to bless you for that great effort and dedication to his word.  I look forward to hearing for you on the answers to prayer as you read and pray the New Testement.

Pastor Minger